Samstag, 8. März 2014

Woody is in da house

Ladies & Gentlemen,
please welcome a new member in vuscors little amateur bookbinding team:


I ‚shot’ him on ebay last sunday where he stood some days lonely and unnoticed in a badlam of used, rusty, unusable and overestimated things called bookbinding tools. All other bookpresses (who are mostly cast iron and/or odd Copypresses) change owner with phantastic high endprices. So I'm happy with my new press made of massive beech. I cleaned Woody carefully and gave him 4 new screws and a breath of very fine original german „Bohnerwachs”.


Papierfrau hat gesagt…

Ein sehr schönes, dekoratives Exemplar!

pzillig | vuscor hat gesagt…

Und voll funktionstüchtig!

Klaus von Mirbach hat gesagt…

Herzlichen Glückwunsch. Sieht schön aus.